What are Examples of Technical Assistance?

EPIS has three roles – build general-capacity, build program-specific capacity, and facilitate communications across several systems (researchers, policy-makers, communities, and program providers).  Successful execution of these roles will ultimately result in a wide-scale public health impact.  This will be accomplished by continual improvement of our understanding, implementation, and infrastructure within our organization and amongst the systems we interact with.  Technical assistance is a broad term used to describe these communications and collaborations across these systems with the ultimate goal of bridging the gap among research, policy, and practice.   

Our guidance documents, trainings, and implementation manuals, and other resources are just a handful of examples of types of TA made available for prevention and intervention providers. We encourage and offer technical assistance to PCCD grantees and other providers of EBP's/EBI's.  This ensures their success not only at implementing these programs but also empowering these programs to sustain into the future after PCCD grants have expired.

graphic image outlining the types of technical assistance offered by EPIS staff