Monitoring Process and Outcomes

Part of high quality implementation is assessing program impact and monitoring fidelity to the model.  Monitoring implementation helps to ensure an evidence-based program will deliver the same results shown in the research. 

Below are tools and resources provided by EPIS to assist in collecting, analyzing, and communicating this data.

  • Assess Outcomes
    • Pre/Post evaluation forms have been developed for measuring outcomes, which is an ongoing process of monitoring and reporting on a program's progress and accomplishments by using pre-selected performance measures.. 
  • Monitor Fidelity
    • Monitoring fidelity is an integral part of promoting model adherence, quality implementation, sustainability, and demonstrating program outcomes and impact.
  • Aggregate and Analyze Data
    • Data collection reporting tools provide a compilation of analyzed data from all of the evaluation tools required for PCCD Quarterly Reporting. 
  • Communicate Internally and Externally about Results
    • Communicating the value of youth programs has not always been well understood.  We have program-specific templates that will assist providers in effectively communicating information about their program reach, implementation quality and impact of your program in a visually engaging manner.