PAYS Additional Resources: PowerPoint and Other Presentation Materials

The PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) has sponsored the administration of the PAYS since 1989. In 2013, the PA Dept. of Education (PDE) and PA Dept. of Drug and Alcohol Prevention (DDAP) joined PCCD in sponsoring school-district participation in the survey. 

Below are valuable PowerPoint and other presentation materials that will assist in understanding PAYS, the value of PAYS Data and more.  This page will be updated with new information as it becomes available for use and dissemination.

PowerPoint Examples and Templates
  • 2019 PAYS Overview - The Basics
    • Use this PowerPoint to highlight basic PAYS information, including general administration information, participation levels, survey/report basics, and where to seek out additional assistance. We encourage you to use this template as a starting point when building your own presentation that includes local data and contact information.
  • PAYS-Data-Highlights-PA2020_Example
  • PAYS-Data-Highlights-Template
    • Use the report example and template above to explore youth behavior trends when discussing the importance of this data for understanding youth outcomes.  This report is also useful for pinpointing specific risk and protective factor strengths and challenges!
  • Focusing-on-Youth-Development-in-PA2020_Example
  • Focusing-on-Youth-Development-in-PA2020_Template
    • Use the report example and template above to showcase a cohort trend analysis of your youth focusing on statistically significant protective factors, highlighting trends, and giving possible or probable explanations for these and ways to impact the trend. This is an excellent tool for a birds-eye view of how your youth navigate through adolescence.
Video library of general/presentation resources