Module Four: Resources

  • Questions to Ask When Selecting Evidence-Based Programs 
    • This document is a great resource that your team can use when thinking about adopting a new program. It asks multiple questions in regards to Program Quality, Program Match, and Program Implementation. We encourage you to use this tool to increase your chances of selecting the best program to meet your needs!
  • EPIS Supported Researched Outcomes
    • This document outlines the research outcomes of many evidence-based programs utilized today. It provides a quick snapshot of program effectiveness in the following categories: Antisocial Behavior, Depression/Anxiety, Substance Use, Parenting/Family, and School related outcomes.
  • EPIS Supported Programs and Related Risk/Protective Factors 
    • This chart displays the Evidence-Based Programs supported by EPIS and their related risk and protective factors. This is an excellent resource, for a quick snapshot on how risk and protection relate to eight, highly utilized evidence-based programs.

Web-Based Information/Document Library