The Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) Workbook & How-To Guide

graphic image of PA Youth Survey Cover for manual

This multi-faceted guide is best utilized when accessing the module-based online resource available by clicking here…."Putting Your PAYS Data Into Action!" or at the bottom of this page to start at the beginning.

Analysis of PA Youth Survey (PAYS) data will lead to a deeper understanding of what youth are reporting and can assist in creating multi-level improvements through informed, data-driven decision making. The PAYS Guide was designed to help you and your team to get the most out of your PAYS data by offering planning tools to:

  • Analyze PAYS and Supporting Data
  • Determine Targets and Priorities
  • Conduct a Resource Assessment
  • Explore Evidence-Based Programs
  • Create an Action Plan
  • Share Your Results

In each module, you will find an extensive library of worksheets, report examples/templates, and other supporting resources that will assist with successful PAYS analysis and planning.

Questions? Contact EPIS if you have questions about the PAYS or about any of the workbook/supplemental materials.

Since 2013, the Pennsylvania Youth Survey has been made possible by the generous support of: