PAYS First Wednesdays at 1PM Webinar Series

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Stay on top of the latest information about all things related to the PA Youth Survey (PAYS) by registering for the 1st Wednesday at 1:00 Webinar Series. By registering, you and your staff will have year-round access to PAYS experts, local PAYS users and the most up-to-date PAYS-related information delivered right to your desk or conference room. All of the live Zoom sessions will take approximately 1-hour where participants will spend the first 30-40 minutes learning from PAYS expert(s) and the last part of session will focus on participant Q&A.

It PAYS to Ask. It PAYS to Know. The Webinar Series gives members access to monthly/bi-monthly 1-hour webinars that address key PAYS-related topics such as:

  • Survey Administration Best Practices
  • Report Release Information
  • Data Utilization Materials
  • Survey Updates and Much More!


How Registration Works:

Webinar registration is FREE and runs annually from September through June. All you have to do to register for the series is simply, click the link below. Once registered, you will receive a zoom link that you will use for each Webinar session. You will receive reminder emails for each webinar. We encourage you to attend as many live sessions as possible but each session will be recorded and accessible to you on the EPIS website.

Use this link to register for the series now


Upcoming webinar descriptions:

October 6th – Engaging School Districts with 2021 PAYS: Offer Them New Opportunities & Reporting Tools

  • Learning Objectives
    • Best Practices for Engaging School Districts in PAYS 
    • Learn More About the Online Offerings with the 2021 PAYS Administration
    • Learn More About the Latest Tools Available to School Districts with the 2021 PAYS
  • Targeted Audiences:
    • School district personnel
    • Entities that work with school districts in all aspects of PAYS implementation from recruitment, survey administration, to data utilization

November 3rd – PAYS: What Is It & Why Is It Important?

  • Learning Objectives:
    • History of PAYS
    • Basic Information Found in a PAYS Report
    • Why PAYS is a Vital Data Source In Understanding Your Local Needs
  • Targeted Audiences: 
    • Anyone who is new to PAYS 
    • Anyone who is seeking a refresher on the foundations of PAYS

December 1st – Introducing for the First Time – PAYS Special Highlights Report: COVID-19 & Remote Learning

  • Learning Objectives:
    • Introduction of the Special Report
    • What Is in the Report
    • How to Use the Report
  • Targeted Audiences: 
    • School District staff in districts that participated online in 2021 that will receive a Special Report
    • Anyone who is interested in learning more about the Special Report

More to come as details are available...