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Phyllis Law is a Systems Change Specialist at EPIS.  While she continues to provide direct technical assistance and training to Communities That Care (CTC) sites, she also provides direction to all coalition-related efforts, oversees the Drug & Alcohol Prevention Programs (DDAP) Needs Assessment project, serves on the PA Youth Survey Advisory Group (PAYSAG), assists with facilitation of the Cross-Systems Prevention Workgroup (CSPW) and assists with overall center development with a special focus on strategic planning and partnership development.

Phyllis has a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from the Troy State University and is a Certified Teacher in the areas of English and Business for grades 6-12.  She has spent more than 25 years working with families and youth in varying capacities and began her prevention career by teaching high-risk youth and overseeing programming for females held in a Florida Detention Facility.  After acting as Director of several Sylvan Learning Centers, Phyllis became a Safe & Drug-Free Schools Program Specialist with the Florida Department of Education where she provided technical assistance to school districts to implement their Safe & Drug-Free Schools program.  This position lead her to be named Chief of Prevention in the Florida Governor's Office of Drug Control where she worked with leadership at all levels to develop and implement effective prevention programming, policies, and practices including the use of the CTC model on both the state and local levels.  Phyllis then established Strategic Solutions for Schools & Communities Consulting where she worked with many state agencies to provide program oversight, coalition development, event planning, training, and technical assistance in many areas of prevention.  She is a trainer for several prevention programs including Guiding Good Choices and the School Health Index.  Most recently, she became one of the first CTC Plus Certified Coaches nationwide.