Mobilizer Orientation Training

Length of Training
Day One: 8 hours (full day)
Day Two: 4 hours (1/2 day)

Topics Covered

  • CTC Framework
  • CTC Process
  • Effective Board Management
  • Engaging Volunteers & Sustaining Membership
  • Communicating CTC & Other Effective Prevention Practices

Required Materials

  • Agenda
  • Training PowerPoint
  • Building Protection: The Social Development Strategy
  • Risk Factors for Adolescent Problem Behavior Chart
  • CTC Timeline Chart & Poster
  • Investing in Youth Community’s Youth: An Introduction to the CTC System
  • Module One Skill Check
  • Phase 2 Discussion Questions
  • Answering Tough Questions
  • CTC “Big Picture” Overview
  • Training Readiness Checklist
  • ID new Members
  • CB Responses
  • Member Info Sheet
  • Elevator Speech

Other Requirements

  • Location with ability to show Power Point
  • All related costs to attend regional training, including mileage, meals, 1-night hotel stay
    • Travel requirement depends on site location, start time of training TBD at time of training
  • Training Supplies:
    • Name tags and/or table tents
    • Sign-in sheets
    • Flip-chart
    • Easel
    • Markers
    • Post-it notes

This training will be provided to all new Mobilizers and those wishing to gain additional training through delivery of a group training; location will be determined by Regional need.

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