Community Planning Training

Length of Training
Day One: 8 hours (full day)
Day Two: 4 hours (1/2 day)

Topics Covered
Day One:

  • Process Overview
  • Developing Community-Level Outcomes
  • Selecting & Investigating Programs, Policies, & Practices
  • Developing Outcomes
  • ID System-Change Strategies

Day Two:

  • Understanding Program-Level Evaluation
  • Drafting a Community Action Plan
  • Next Steps

Required Materials
Day One:

  • Agenda
  • Training PowerPoint
  • CTC Bingo
  • R/P Factor Outcomes Worksheet
  • Existing, Effective Resources Worksheet
  • Implementation Costs Worksheet
  • Social/Political Issues Worksheet
  • Participant Outcomes Worksheet
  • Implementation Outcomes Worksheet
  • Systems-Change Strategies Worksheet

Day Two:

  • Training PowerPoint
  • Assessing the Need for an Evaluator Worksheet
  • Audience Analysis Worksheet
  • >CAR Report Sample
  • CAR Report Work Plan Worksheet>

Other Requirements

  • Location with ability to show Power Point
  • Training supplies:
    • Nametags and/or table tents
    • Sign-in sheets
    • Flip-chart
    • Easel
    • Markers
    • Post-it notes
  • Food:
    • Day One:
      • Lunch needs to be provided for a working lunch; either have site provide lunch at no cost to participants from another funding source or arrange lunch to be brought in with participants paying for their own
    • Day Two:
      • Optional: Either breakfast or lunch provided/arranged

Need to figure in production/printing costs for Community Action Plan

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