Communities That Care Five Phases

See "Communities That Care: 5 Phases" Here. Other videos are available on the Communities That Care YouTube Channel.

Phase One (Months 1-3)
Purpose, Trainings, Resources Tasks

Getting Started

  • Purpose
    Begin the CTC Process
  • Support Trainings
    • CTC 101
    • New Mobilizer Training
  • Resources
    • Tools for Community Leaders
    • Investing in Your Youth
    • Milestones & Benchmarks Workbook
  • Identify “catalyst(s)”
  • Recruit champion(s)
  • Form core group
  • Identify host agency
  • Secure Mobilizer
  • Identify preliminary Key Leaders & stakeholders
  • Have school district commit to administering the PAYS
  • Define your community
  • Define scope of project
  • Introduce Milestones & Benchmarks document
  • Work through Community Readiness Tool
Phase Two (Months 4-6)
Purpose, Trainings, Resources Tasks

Organizing, Introducing and Involving

  • Purpose
    Engage & orient Key Leaders & your Community Board
  • Support Trainings
    • Key Leader Orientation
    • Community Board Orientation
  • Resources
    • Tools for Community Leaders
    • Investing in Your Youth
    • Milestones & Benchmarks Workbook


  • Review and enhance Key Leader and stakeholder groups ensuring that all 12 community sectors are represented in both groups 
  • Conduct Key Leader Orientation
    • Determine how Key Leaders will remain engaged in process
    • Develop Key Leader communication plan
  • Form Community Board
    • Conduct Community Board Orientation
    • Create coalition vision
    • Form workgroups & develop work plans for each
    • Create overall work plan for CTC initiative
    • Begin exploring avenues to include youth
    • Begin exploring sustainability options
    • Introduce & begin working on the Milestones & Benchmarks Workbook 
Phase Three (Months 6-9)
Purpose, Trainings, Resources Tasks

Develop a Community Profile

  • Purpose 
    Assess & identify prevention priorities and gaps in current response to those priorities
  • Support Trainings
    • Community Assessment Training (CAT)
    • Community Resource Assessment Training (CRAT)
  • Resources
    • Community Resource Assessment Survey Tool
    • Community Assessment Report Template
    • Community Resource Assessment Report Template
    • Milestones & Benchmarks Workbook
  • Conduct Community Assessment Training using the most recent PAYS data
    • Prioritize target populations
    • Select priority risk and protective factors
    • Create Community Assessment Report
  • Conduct Community Resource Assessment Training 
    • Conduct community resource assessment based on priority risk and protective factors
    • Conduct comprehensive gaps analysis
    • Create Community Resource Assessment Report
  • Continue sustainability plan development



Phase Four (Months 9-12)
Purpose, Trainings, Resources Tasks

Create a Community Action Plan

  • Purpose
    Create a plan to implement & evaluate tested, effective programs
  • Support Trainings
    • Community Planning Training (CPT)
  • Resources
    • Fit & Feasibility Process and Program Selection Tool
    • Milestones & Benchmarks Workbook
    • Community Action Plan Template
  • Conduct Community Planning Training upon completion of a thorough community resource assessment
    • Specify community-level outcomes
    • Select evidence-based interventions (programs, policies, & practices) to fill resource gaps
    • Generate program-level outcomes
  • Create an implementation plan
  • Create an evaluation plan
  • Pull together all plans to create a Community Action Plan that includes data assessment, resources assessment, program selection, implementation and evaluation plan, and sustainability plan 
Phase Five
Purpose, Trainings, Resources Tasks

Implementing & Evaluating the Community Action Plan

  • Purpose
    Implement & evaluate the plan; revisit as new PAYS data is released; refine as needed
  • Support Trainings
    • Community Plan Implementation Training (CPIT)
  • Resources
    • Milestones & Benchmarks Workbook
  • Conduct Community Plan Implementation Training 
  • Convene workgroups necessary to oversee program implementation & evaluation
  • Continue recruiting Key Leaders and Community Board members
  • Continue sustainability plan development & implement as necessary
  • Conduct annual program-level evaluation
  • Conduct biannual community-level assessment
  • Update Community Action Plan as appropriate

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