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The Coalition Check-Up Project is currently recruiting 68 coalitions! This free technical assistance model will provide a dedicated TA provider. Did I mention it's free

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*As of 9/14/20*

What is the Coalition Check-Up (CCU)?

The Coalition Check-Up Project is a technical assistance model for coalitions which provides regular, proactive, relationship-based, and data-informed technical assistance. The four steps of this process include:

  1. Collecting coalition data
  2. Reviewing data collected
  3. Making decisions with those data
  4. Implementing those decisions

Check out the following video, in which Sarah Chilenski walks through the project details.


How can the Coalition Check-Up Project benefit your coalition?

Sustainability of coalitions is challenging. Sarah Chilenski and Louis Brown, project leads, have created a model built over 20 years of experience to support and assist coalitions. Check out the following video, in which Sarah Chilenski talks about the project's driving force, as well as its goals. 


Project Timeline:

  • October 1, 2020 - *New and final* Participation deadline
  • September/October 2020 - Collect participant information and inform coalitions which group they are in
  • October 2020 - Coalition Check-Up 'Step 1' begins
    • Coalition member surveys, program and activity interviews, coalition leader interviews.
  • January 2021 - Coalition Check-Up 'Step 2' begins
  • February 2021 -  Coalition Check-Up 'Step 3' begins
  • March 2021 - Coalition Check-Up 'Step 4' begins


How Can My Coalition Get Involved?

  • Attend a Webinar! Checkout Available Dates!
  • If you need to review the process with your coalition, set aside time during your next meeting to view the videos and review the following materials:
  • Minimal requirements:
    • All kinds of community coalitions interested in preventing adolescent substance use, are invited to participate.
  • Finally, is your coalition ready to join?
    • If you or your coalition has any additional questions, feel free to email Sarah Chilenski directly anytime at 
    • Coalitions that sign-up before August 31, 2020 will recieve a $200 incentive!
    • To sign-up, download the commitment form, and email the completed form to Sarah Chilenski at