Evidence-Based Programming Learning Center

Implementing an evidence-based program is a challenging and rewarding experience. For those who are providing the service to the community, such as facilitators, teachers or therapists, this experience can be improved by having a strong implementation plan and accessing proper training in order to implement with fidelity to the model. Policy makers looking to scale a particular model or address a public health concern or researchers looking to plan a study can also benefit from accessing these resources and trainings.

When communities of providers, policy makers, and researchers come together they are better able to overcome barriers to implementation and sustainability.  To support all of these goals, EPIS regularly coordinates trainings and networking opportunities for evidence based programs in Pennsylvania, find the full list of events below and join our community today! 

Many resources are available for each of the evidence based programs supported by EPIS, go to EPIS Menu of Evidence Based Programs to access these resources.

Upcoming Events

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2020 Violence and Delinquency Prevention Programs (VDPP) Funding Announcement Walk-Through Webinar Watch a recording!  
Triple P Learning Community Meeting Registration Open! Thurs. Jan 28, 2021
TF-CBT Learning Community Meeting Registration Open! Tues. Feb 2, 2021
Blues Learning Community Meeting Registration Open! Mon. Feb 8, 2021